Kalavarna.com was founded in 2018 by a group of artists and art enthusiasts from Bangalore.

Kalavarna is an online marketplace that helps art collectors/lovers and enthusiasts to buy and sell art with ease from any part of the world.

Kalavarna artworks are posted on our website for free by our professional curators, but are available for purchase through a wide variety of mediums, sizes, and payment options. We also have separate pages to browse the collection and purchase work.

From easel art to paintings to sculptures, and from vintage to modern, and from vintage to modern decorative, we are the online gallery with a wide range of artworks.

We strive to provide an accessible platform for Indian artists of all ages to showcase their talent. There is something in our collection for every interest and every budget.

At the heart of the Kalavarna Art Gallery is our vision to promote awareness of contemporary art in India by bringing together contemporary art from India with international artists.

In many ways, Kalavarna Gallery is a living laboratory that strives to define a new visual language for the India today. To exhibit and sell your art, and to make your art accessible to audiences all over the world, please contact us.

Kalavarna offers services like art framing, restoration, bulk art orders, art advisory from famous artists and many other solutions to you so you can make your art-collection a reality.

We are committed to empowering artists and art collectors by bringing art within the reach of every. The majority of our collection consists of antique, modern and vintage art, which is handpicked from our artists in many cities in India. We not only offer these beautiful items but also assure you of fast delivery to your doorstep.

For more information contact us here or read our FAQ.