Kalavarna offers a diverse range of mural art design services.

We have seasoned artists from all over India who specialise in metal and fibre murals.

We will collaborate with you to find the perfect artwork for your idea, your vision, and your budget.

The next step in the process is for us to present you with our sketches of the artwork selections for your review, as they are custom-made to suit your space’s requirements.

After the budget and concepts are finalised, we will involve artists, designers, and craftspeople to assist us in creating a one-of-a-kind work of art for your spaces.

We provide both Metal and fiber mural artworks in Bangalore, FAQ for more info:

How much do artists charge for murals?

Murals differ significantly in price depending on the size of the murals, the materials used in the murals, and so forth.

The pricing start from 2500 Rs per sqft for fiber murals and 5500 Rs per sqft for Copper murals

Kindly contact us for a price quote, as Kalavarna offers high-quality murals at an affordable price.

Copper murals are generally more expensive than fiber murals.

Where can I buy paintings in Bangalore?

Do try Kalavarna for premium quality paintings with affordable pricing in Bengaluru

What other services do you provide?

To know about other services we provide, visit here: https://kalavarna.com/services/